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Center Stage US Clothing Manufacturers

Today, we want to introduce you to the members we are highlighting as our five “Center Stage” vendors for the month of May. If you have not yet checked out the storefronts for US clothing manufacturers Pretty Young Thing, SML Style, Freeway, Lulumari and The Clothing Company, now is a great opportunity to do so. All five of these women’s manufacturers are located right here in the heart of the LA Fashion District.

Pretty Young Thing


The first of our US clothing manufacturers for May’s Center Stage is Pretty Young Thing. Buyers from across the US have been praising this member for their outstanding service and products. Pretty Young Thing has both contemporary and plus size lines that include dresses, sweaters, tops, pants and more. We love this member for lightweight knitwear plus all different types of printed dresses. Pretty Young Thing is an exclusive member, and participates in our image download program.

SML Style


SML Style is another one of our great US clothing manufacturers. While their selection does include tops, shorts, rompers, leggings, jackets and dresses, the majority of their stock fits into the tops category. Here you will find great graphic prints as well as other blouses more geared toward a junior market. They do a good job at including both more bohemian and more urban aesthetics into their inventory, providing something for everyone. SML Style participates in our order consolidation and image download programs.



Third up in this month’s Center Stage US clothing manufacturers is Freeway. At Freeway you will find tops, dresses, jackets and cardigans, sweaters, vests, skirts, pants and shorts. The characteristics of these categories generally involve colorful and flowing styles that are high in both comfort and quality. Freeway participates in our order consolidation and image download programs.



Next for our US clothing manufacturers is Lulumari. They have an enormous selection of tops with a couple of dresses, pants and jumpers thrown in as well. As you can see, there are trendy touches in the detailing of these garments – for example, embroidery and lace are both used quite often. Lulumari has an impressive delivery rate of 100%. This member participates in our order consolidation and image download programs.

The Clothing Company

US-clothing-manufacturersLast for May’s Center Stage US clothing manufacturers we have The Clothing Company. Tops, sweaters, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers and jackets are all available here. Colorful chiffon with beaded embellishments tends to be the primary aesthetic. Similar to Lulumari, they also have a 100% delivery rate. This member participates in our order consolidation and image download programs.

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