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LAS Hall Of Fame Clothing Manufacturer Fashion 123

If you have been following along, you are aware of our monthly LA Showroom Hall of Fame inductions. Each month, we highlight a clothing manufacturer who has been a part of LA Showroom since it first began. This month, our clothing manufacturer of emphasis is Fashion 123. Since July of 2003, Fashion 123 has successfully been selling wholesale women’s clothing on our platform. If you are not already familiar with their selection, now is a great time to check it out.


Clothing manufacturer Fashion 123 offers a diverse selection that is always being updated. With nearly 1,000 products currently offered, it makes sense that this member has been around for over twelve years. You can find dresses, tops, plus size tops, bottoms and rompers at Fashion 123. There are items with abstract prints, as well as more traditional prints and solids. The shapes tend to be more free flowing than fitted. From neutral colors to brights, there are a variety of options not only overall, but within each particular style. These fashions are trendy enough for the junior market, yet modest enough for the missy market, making them a great vendor to visit no matter what type of women your store targets.


Fashion 123 is a clothing manufacturer with highly positive order ratings. Out of 718 order ratings that have been given, 99.6% have had a positive experience. With service and quality such as this, it is not hard to see why Fashion 123 has been such a long term player in the wholesale fashion industry.

Fashion 123 participates in our order consolidation and image download programs. Currently, they are offering over 400 different styles on sale. To come experience this storefront for yourself, click here. And, do not miss the rest of our Hall of Fame members – they can be seen below!

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