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LAS Hall of Fame: Ginger G Clothing Supplier

Our women’s manufacturer, Ginger G., also known as Ginger Green, is the recipient of our LA Showroom December Hall of Fame Award. If you are not familiar with clothing supplier Ginger G. and their selection of women’s apparel, then it is a great day to come discover just how this member may be a great one to learn about as it pertains to your store.

Ginger G. has been with LA Showroom since June of 2004, meaning that they have successfully sold their wholesale women’s apparel for over 11 years on our website. In addition to being one of our longest standing members, clothing supplier Ginger G. is an LA Showroom exclusive member. This means that they do not wholesale their apparel to any other outlets aside from our marketplace. So, if you are interested in shopping their products, you have come to the right place. clothing-supplier

1. Olive Suede Top      2. Baby Pink Sweater      3. Tribal Print Dress      4. Reindeer Sweater      5. Lace Up Dress      6. Cowl Neck Sweater

What exactly do the styles at Ginger G. consist of? Well, this clothing supplier curates a selection of designs that are a great balance of fashion forward and classic. The items are not so trend driven that they are not relevant at all different times. However, they are modern enough to still be hot items in demand at the retail level. See the items pictured above, for example. Trendy textures and details such as suede and lace-up are present, yet these pieces are definitely approachable and could be worn by a variety of different women. The categories consist of fashion tops, dresses, cardigans, pants, rompers, skirts and plus tops.

Clothing supplier Ginger G. participates in a full range of LA Showroom programs, including image downloads, order consolidation and buyer rewards. With an average delivery rate of 99.38%, and ratings that generally achieve all 5 stars for Outstanding, it is clear that buyers are pleased with their experience with Ginger G. If you are looking to have this experience yourself, then be sure to visit their storefront and place an order today!

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