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As the temperatures start to take a dip towards the cooler side, the most popular purchases at LA Showroom is proving to be wholesale sweaters and fabulous knits.  Given the fashion industry’s fast-paced movement, it is crucial that fashion buyers jump on the opportunity to stock their inventory with the most coveted designs.

Cozy knits and sweater trends this season are evoking a casually, relaxed demeanor. The designs featured from Rachel Kate, Tea N Rose, Timing, and Salt & Pepper all incorporate the sweater-knit textile in unique ways. It’s time for consumers to trade in their t-shirts and crop tops for sweaters! Prepare to get acquainted with this season’s best women’s knitwear trends.

Fashion Tip: Here are some handy tips for your customers on how to care for knitwear!

  • Wash regular wool knits by hand in cold water, or it may shrink!

  • Acrylic and other synthetic yarns can be washed and dried in the machine.

  • Don’t take the risk with unknown fabrics – hand wash them in cool water!


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