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Enticing Brick-And-Mortar Customers With Food Offerings

With consumers placing preference on digital channels for ease and convenience, retailers are looking for ways to entice brick-and-mortar customers to visit more often. One trend fairly fully implemented in Europe that is starting to catch on in the United States is food offerings and culinary experiences within department stores.

For example, Galeries Lafayette, one of Paris’ oldest and largest department stores, hosts two floors of gourmet food offerings. This includes fresh produce, global coffees and teas, visually stunning desserts and pastries, hand carved meats and more. While this is more of an in-house dining experience, Globus in Zurich provides more of a grocery store mentality for shoppers. If you are picking up a dress and salad ingredients for the evening’s dinner party, it is a one stop shop.

US retailers are catching on to this method of enticing brick-and-mortar customers to come in to stores. Macy’s has Stella 34 Trattoria, a full service Italian restaurant at its flagship New York store. There are also several different Starbucks coffee counters, along with a Juice Press near activewear and a McDonald’s on the children’s floor.

This trend is not limited to department stores either. Enticing brick-and-mortar customers with food offerings can help smaller retailers stand out and develop brand identity. Intelligentsia, a coffee roaster preferred by hipsters and coffee snobs everywhere, is slowly making its way into Urban Outfitters stores.

As grocery retailers become more creative and competitive, and healthy food options top the list of key global retail trends, it is likely we will continue to see instances of these situations expand. Plus, with pop-up type situations increasingly becoming a preferable retailing format, sharing space with other industries and brands is definitely not a stretch.

All in all, enticing brick-and-mortar customers with food offerings gives them a reason to visit over other retailers, a reason to come in the first place and an excuse to stay longer, so why not?

Is this something you as a retail business owner would ever consider? Leave us a comment below!

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