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Fabric Feature: What is Chambray Denim?

We’re offering up a crash course at LAShowroom’s Buyer’s Lounge to answer the burning question: What is chambray?! Trend forecasting experts have wholly accepted that the chambray trend is here to stay. As a result, wholesale buyers are eager to incorporate the look into their merchandising collection.  Most importantly, we’re showcasing the best of what LA Showroom has to offer in the wholesale denim chambray department. Here are a few of our best-selling merchants that provide this wardrobe staple:










 Chambray Washes and Prints:

LA Showroom Wholesale Market Place Denim Chambray

Washes and Prints: (clockwise from left to right)
  1. Manufacturer: YOYO5 // Style #YT2364A
  2. Manufacturer: Dorcas // Style #602461
  3. Manufacturer: Solar // Style #GT125
  4. Manufacturer: Fashion Stream // Style #MP835468
  5. Manufacturer: Emory Park // Style #M2590T-1

Why Feature Chambray In Your Store?

Retail industry’s worldwide face one common challenge: incorporating the voice of the customer to their merchanding plan. With the ever-changing face of fashion, customers eventually interpret the season’s hottest trends and make them their own. LA Showroom’s manufacturers are keen on featuring styles that are made popular by their consumers. Notably, kimonos and lightweight cardigans ruled Summer 2016 and buyers are looking for the same subtle texture to carry through Fall 2016. Luckily enough, denim chambray is just that! LA Showroom is the top wholesale marketplace carrying this wildly popular look. All in all, LA Showroom understands the importance of brands having the capability to turn insights within the scope of fashion and act fast enough to meet today’s consumer demands. Registering on our site today (for FREE!) will provide you, as a buyer, a paramount tool in purchasing wholesale.

How To Build the Look at LA Showroom:


  1. 2Sable // Style: #WDR1619

  2. Eikosi // Style: #T14423J

  3. Andrea Bijoux // Style: #B14-056-139475

  4. Let’s See Style // Style: #SI-SWIFT-07

  5. American Bazi //  Style: #RJL-423-BROWN

You can flip through any fashion magazine out on the stands today and see that chambray is a classic piece meant for every wardrobe. One of the key selling points of this look is its “light” nature and wearability. When adding pieces to your clothing selection, it is important to tie in new pieces with current merchandise. LA Showroom buyers have the opportunity to convert any summer look to a fall statement with chambray. LA Showroom’s wholesale marketplace is your one-stop shop to pair the right accessories and clothing essentials for selling success seamlessly.

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