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Innovative Order Fulfillment Strategies For Retailers

As the competitive landscape of E-Commerce and retail continues to get more and more difficult for business owners, companies are strategizing in any way they can to come out on top. We have been looking at examples of companies who are setting themselves apart with innovative order fulfillment strategies for retailers. Discover the companies and the method behind some of the innovative order fulfillment strategies currently in the works. Who knows – in time, they may just be the new norm!

Nordstrom and Text Message Pickup 

Nordstrom has just recently rolled out their solution to innovative order fulfillment strategies by using text message curbside pickup. While many retailers have been using the” buy online, pick up in store” method, this streamlines it even further. A Nordstrom associate runs your items to your car as you arrive, eliminating the need to fight for parking, waste time waiting in line, or other inconveniences that come along with brick-and-mortar shopping. Currently, the procedure is still in test method. However, Nordstrom has mentioned that curbside pickup could eventually make its way into their mobile app as a full service feature.

Everlane and 1 Hour Delivery

San Francisco based E-Commerce luxury basics company Everlane offers a 1 Hour Delivery option as part of their Everlane Now program. This relies on Postmates, a logistics company in different neighborhoods that is sort of like Uber for various products and packages that need to be picked up and dropped off. Not only can you get items within the hour, but when you order two or more, the delivery fee is waived.

Walmart and Unlimited Shipping

In what is viewed as a response to Amazon’s order fulfillment strategies, Walmart is testing a subscription based unlimited shipping service. For a flat fee of $50 per year (which is half the price of Amazon Prime), customers could place orders throughout the year without incurring shipping fees. The goal is for the products to arrive within three days.

Have you considered any similar or different innovative order fulfillment strategies for your store? Would you use services such as these? Leave us a comment below!

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