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Interpreting Cotton Incorporated’s F/W 2014-2015 Trends: Introduction

LA Showroom and our clothing wholesalers are thrilled to once again bring you inspiring trends from Cotton Incorporated, this time with their Fall/Winter 2014-2015 color card. You may recall from following our blog earlier this year that we introduced Cotton Incorporated’s five different Spring/Summer 2014 forecasting themes. These included LimitlessPurpose, Control Freak, Reverie and Catalyst. For each forecast, we interpreted the selection of our clothing wholesalers. This helped you as the buyer discern the top trends and create a balanced collection out of the vast amount of items our clothing wholesalers have to offer.

The Cotton forecasting team has been educating fashion insiders with their leading lifestyle, color and fabric trend forecasts for over 30 years. This season’s palette is an insightful look at clean, bright shades paired with tweaked autumnal tones. We will also show you the must-have colors of the season and point out shades for key market categories like dresses, denim and outerwear. Stay tuned as we share a trend each week and match up the forecast with on-trend items from our clothing wholesalers’ stores. For the next five weeks, you can expect to be introduced to the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 trends of Sacred Spaces, Share, Underworld, Improv and Extreme. Check in each Thursday for the latest update and to see how it can best apply to your customer.

As a vital business resource, Cotton Incorporated has been educating the industry since 1970, partnering with all aspects of the supply chain to create better cotton product. The company’s areas of expertise range wide. Fashion professionals know Cotton for their innovative trend material, fabric developments and dyeing and finishing technologies. The company is also an authority on agriculture and sustainability research, fiber economics and even nonwoven advancements that create healthcare and automotive products with a natural fiber advantage. For more information, please visit their websites and for your textile and fashion needs.

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