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LAS Hall Of Fame: Demore and Wholesale Bodycon Dresses

As we continue to recognize our vendors who have been part of our platform for years and years, we have another LA Showroom Hall of Fame feature for you. Today, we highlight the wholesale bodycon dresses and sexy tops from Demore, who has been loyal to LA Showroom since their launch in July of 2003 – an unbelievable twelve years!

Not only has Demore been with LA Showroom for an incredibly long time, but they are also an exclusive member. This means that you cannot shop the Demore selection through other channels. Demore also participates in our image download, order consolidation and buyer rewards program, taking full advantage of the LA Showroom experience. wholesale-bodycon-dressesDemore succeeds at LA Showroom because they understand their target market and provide the best fashions for this audience. Wholesale bodycon dresses are the primary offering at Demore. These sexy looks feature bright colors, showy details and other attractive features that make them great for a night out on the town. In addition to the wholesale bodycon dresses at Demore, you can find equally seductive tops, sets, jackets, jumpsuits, skirts and pants. These items are fewer in count, but in line with the same aesthetic.

In their time, Demore has received a total of 125 order feedback ratings. When you average this percentage out, Demore offers an experience that 98.4% of buyers have ranked positively based on quality of merchandise, customer service and our other ranking categories.

All in all, if you are in the market for wholesale bodycon dresses, clubwear, or similar styles, we recommend browsing through the Demore storefront. You cannot go wrong. And, if you have not already, visit our blog archives to read about more of our LAS Hall of Fame members.

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