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LAS Hall Of Fame: Wholesale Graphic Clothing From Platinum Plush

Some of our members offer huge selections with a wide range of clothing. For example, there are vendors that have clothing for men, women and children. There are members who carry accessories in addition to their apparel selections. Other wholesalers have much more specific selections. Today’s LAS Hall of Fame recipient is one with a more narrow selection. When you visit the storefront for Platinum Plush, you will find only wholesale graphic clothing for women, primarily in basic cotton silhouettes. An example of what we mean is seen below. wholesale-graphic-clothing Wholesale graphic clothing manufacturer Platinum Plush is a recipient of the LAS Hall of Fame award for the month of November, because they have been part of our platform since November of 2003. This month marks the beginning of their 13th year with us. The comfortable and quality silhouettes they feature are often emblazoned with religious imagery such as crosses and angel wings. The designs seem like they would be at home when found on women who appreciate rock and roll, Harley motorcycles and other related interests. Platinum Plush’s wholesale graphic clothing consists of both sets and separates. Colors are relatively basic – pink, purple, red, blue, black and white, though black is by far the most dominant color. These comfortable coordinating options are great for casual times, but can also be dressed up with jewelry, fancy belt buckles and cowboy boots, and other various styling suggestions. This Hall of Fame member participates in our image download and order consolidation programs, making purchasing and displaying their wholesale graphic clothing an easy experience. To see all that they have to offer, click here. And, to explore our other LAS Hall of Fame members, visit the links provided below.

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