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Increasingly these days, fashion and technology are intersecting to determine the future of each industry. In fact, there is so much innovation in fashion technology that it can be hard to keep up with. The way that retailers and brands release their products into to the market, as well as the products themselves, both have endless possibilities in terms of improvement, connectivity and more. If innovation in fashion technology is something that interests you, today, we have the scoop on a local event you will definitely want to know about.

Melange 2015 is happening now. This is the first installment of a bi-annual event which will be hosted at the New Mart in the LA Fashion District. Presenting media sponsor Los Angeles Magazine and Melange Live have partnered together to bring a two day informational conference full of presentations and panels all related to innovation in fashion technology.

Melange Live is a company with goals of creating a platform for industry leaders in both fashion and technology to meet and exchange dialogue, ideas and more. Topics such as omni-commerce, mobile consumerism and other retail trends are at the forefront of their current focus. Wearable technology of course is a big idea also.

The event takes place from Wednesday, September 16th through Thursday, September 17th. Tickets are available as a 2-day pass, or as a single day pass. Depending on the day you choose your ticket also offers admission to the opening and/or closing party for the event. Details about the tickets and the event can be found here.

If this message comes to you a little too late, not to worry. Innovation in fashion technology never sleeps, and Melange has vowed to make this event a bi-annual occurrence, so we will be sure to give you fair warning the next time around.

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