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Lyss Loo, Misia and More Center Stage Members

Welcome to our last Center Stage post for the 2015 year! This month, we have a wonderful array of five different vendors to focus on, so that you can better get to know our members and how their selections differ. Come meet Lyss Loo, Milkyway, Misia, Pink Note and Pop Up.

Lyss Loo 


Lyss Loo is a women’s manufacturer of dresses, bottoms, tops, skirts, sweaters and more, located in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. Women will appreciate their sensible, basic silhouettes that fit well. Their styles include both regular and plus sizes. Lyss Lo participates in our image download program.



Things get a little trendier moving from Lyss Loo to Milkyway, where you will find exciting midi dresses, printed bottoms, tops with cute details and more unique fashions for junior women. A selection of plus tops and plus leggings is available as well. Milkyway participates in our image download, order consolidation and buyer rewards programs.



At Misia, you can find missy clothing that prioritizes comfort. Styles are trendy, yet not in an unapproachable way, making them great for a slightly older demographic. Their product categories consist of tops, outerwear, bottoms and dresses. Misia participates in our image download and buyer reward program. Currently they are offering 10% off with free ground shipping on all orders for new buyers.

Pink Note


Pink Note is a great wholesaler to keep in mind if your selection generally focuses on basic items. Their cotton tops, dresses and cardigans all come in different silhouettes, yet all have the same solid color, easy-to-toss-on qualities. Pink Note participates in our image download and order consolidation program, and has an impeccable average delivery rate of 100%!

Pop Up


Lastly, we come to Pop Up, where you can currently take advantage of free ground shipping on orders over $399.99. If you are interested in sexy, trendy looks for juniors, this may be the deal for you. Tops, dresses, bottoms and pants are all available from this manufacturer, who participates in our order consolidation, image download and buyer rewards programs.

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