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LAS Hall of Fame: Minx’s Regular and Plus Size Clothing

As we continue with our monthly member recognition for vendors who have been with LA Showroom for just about as long as we have been around, we turn our attention to women’s wholesale regular and plus size clothing manufacturer Minx. Minx joined LA Showroom back in October of 2003. Their dedication of nearly twelve years definitely earns them the September Hall of Fame award.

If you are not familiar with the selection from Minx, here is a sample of the regular and plus size clothing that they offer. plus-size-clothing

In these new arrivals, chic black and white is definitely a major theme. However, if you visit all of the regular and plus size clothing options at Minx, you will find plenty of color as well. Currently popular hues such as Marsala and metallics mix with ever-favorite shades of coral and turquoise.

Minx has a very well-balanced selection. They offer relatively equal numbers of tops, dresses and bottoms, including both skirts and pants. This is true for both the regular size and plus size clothing categories that they have. Many of their options are the same for both size ranges, making them a great vendor to shop if you are looking to carry the same items through for every size.

Buyers from New Jersey to Texas to Arizona have all complimented Minx on their Outstanding shipping, product quality, customer service and product availability. Overall, their delivery rating is a 96.29%. Minx participates in our Order Consolidation program. If you are ready to come check out all that this manufacturer has to offer in terms of their regular and plus size clothing wholesale, click here.

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“LAS Hall of Fame: Minx’s Regular and Plus Size Clothing”

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