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Introducing the NEW Shirt: Off-the-Shoulder Easel Clothing Trends

Easel Clothing is showcasing a huge Spring 2017 trend — off-the-shoulder tops and blouses! LA Showroom is featuring the latest contemporary collection by the brand on our online wholesale marketplace and retailers can’t get enough of this popular style.

The off-the-shoulder trend is a great way for your customers to transition into baring a bit more skin in time for summer. Whether it’s a slouched shoulder style or one that lets shoulders peek through, trend forecasters have predicted that this design will increase in popularity as the weather changes.

Easel aims to bring better sourced, high-quality products to LA Showroom buyers by using industry know-how. They’ve gathered over 20 years of experience within the fashion industry and understand that popular fast fashion trends should be easily accessible for every store. Easel’s junior and contemporary women’s styles reach all expectations with known professionalism, quality, and trustworthiness.

From fabric and trim sourcing to apparel design and development, Easel Clothing has their fingers on the pulse of the West Coast fashion market and strive to bring you exciting products to serve your needs.

At LA Showroom, Easel is offering 10% for all new buyers. Just enter the promo code “new10” in the comment box at the time of checkout to take advantage of this offer. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions and expires at the end of the year!

TREND ALERT: Off-The-Shoulder Tops by Easel Clothing

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style #ET6507

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style# ET7053

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style #ET6522

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style #ET2528

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style# ET6755

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style #ET6641

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style #ET7040

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style# ET7099

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style #ET6739

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style #ET2423

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style# ET6899

Easel Clothing at LA Showroom

Style # ET6129

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