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Prepare For Boxing Day Shoppers

As December swiftly moves along, you should be prepared and successful in terms of your retail planning and inventory levels. With LA Showroom guiding you every step of the way with all the hottest fashions for winter, holiday events and New Year’s Eve, we are hoping to have helped make things less stressful than they need to be. However, with the holiday season encompassing so much of the current focus, you may not yet be ready for what comes after. Allow LA Showroom to help you prepare for Boxing Day shoppers. prepare-for-boxing-dayBoxing Day is the day after Christmas, where consumers expect savings and deals similar to that which you see on Black Friday. Retailers are clearing the overstock of all the holiday inventory they may have overbought, so prices are slashed and savings abound for all. However, even if you feel that you are able to prepare for Boxing Day with the inventory you currently have in stock, what happens after?

Once the sales are over, you will want to have hot new arrivals ready on deck to sell at your store. That is where LA Showroom comes in. Whether you need to fill in gaps leading up as you prepare for Boxing Day, or you are trying to make sure your store is not cleared out after, we can help. This week, here are some of the items our team has identified as hot sells for the next month and beyond. You can purchase these trendy wholesale fashions using the links provided below.
prepare-for-boxing-day   2. D. Rock Denim      3. Caribbean Queen Fur Vest      4. Olive & Pique Scarf      5. Cloud Line Midi Skirt      6. Milkyway Blouse      7. Girly Necklace      8. Va Va Voom Dress      9. Misia Blouse      10. Victoria Fashion Booties      11. Esley Collection Calendar      12. Cozy Casual Sweater      13. New Trend On Beanie      14. Luv Vinuzze Blouse      15. Frida LA Maxi Dress      16. 36 Point 5 Vest

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