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The Quinceanera Expo Los Angeles

In Latin American tradition, a girl’s fifteenth birthday, or Quinceanera, is a cause for much celebration. This coming of age tradition involves a family party with dancing, dinner, cake, and other traditional rite of passage ceremonies. While the amount of money invested into this event varies from family to family, it is not unheard of for a modest quinceanera party to cost $5,000 or more. When you add up the cost of the food, cake, dress, invitations, DJ and more, this may not come as a surprise. For any of these type of vendors who are in the quinceanera business, or for families who will be planning one, The Quinceanera Expo is a great upcoming event to be aware of.

The Quinceanera Expo takes place on Sunday, September 27th at the Ontario Convention Center. The event takes place from 12PM to 5PM, during which time free admission is granted. This is a great opportunity for party planners to connect with vendors all in one place. They can compare and contrast different prices and services, then sign up with the discounts offered on site at the Quinceanera Expo.

In addition to time to plan and shop, there will be a Quinceanera Fashion Show, featuring a runway with all the latest looks. There will be raffles, contests and other sweepstakes for attendees. Prizes include everything from makeup gift certificates to Wells Fargo scholarships.

If you are looking to exhibit at the Quinceanera Expo, click here for more information. For further details on attending as a guest, click here. And, if you cannot attend the show but are still in the quinceanera business, keep in mind that LA Showroom carries dresses appropriate for the occasion. To see some of our styles, simply search “quinceanera” in our website.

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