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Social Media, Influencer and Content Marketing Event

These days, marketing is not the same as it used to be. The four main concerns used to be the 4 P’s: price, product, place and promotion. However, this straightforward model has become blurred in our digital age. Now, we have social media marketing, influencer marketing and content marketing all thrown into the mix – just to name a few.

You probably know that all of these terms and marketing methods relate to your fashion business. However, do you understand exactly what they are, and how to implement them so that they can help best grow your business? That’s where the Fashion and Business Counsel (or FAB Counsel) comes in. Next week, on Wednesday, April 29th, they are hosting a #FabEvent entitled “Social Media, Influencer & Content Marketing.”

The event takes place at Blank Spaces, a venue located at 1450 2nd St., Santa Monica, California. There will be six different panelists from the following companies: Coolhaus, Ludlows Cocktail Company, Fab-Fit-Fun, Unique Vintage, Miss Me Jeans, 365 Hangers and Hedley & Bennett. These panelists are entrepreneurial and marketing experts, who have used some combination of social media, influencer and content marketing to grow their brands. The event takes place between 6:30 PM and 9:00 PM. Following a half hour check in period, the panelists will speak for an hour before taking an hour long Q&A session from the audience. Light refreshments will be provided by Katie Haythorn Thrive Home & Estates.

Tickets for the event range between $34 and $54. However, when you consider the cost of a social, influencer or content marketing course, or the expense of not maximizing your marketing strategy for your business, this is a small price to pay. For more information on the particular speakers’ backgrounds, to see some convincing statistics on marketing and social media, and to purchase your ticket to the event, visit the FAB Counsel event page here.


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