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Tips For Holiday Visual Merchandising

The holiday season can be a fun time to up the ante on your store’s visual merchandising and displays. If you are looking for tips for holiday visual merchandising, you have come to the right place. In our Holiday Display 101, we take you through some of our favorite ideas for setting up beautiful displays this holiday season, complete with products from our marketplace to help you achieve this look.

Tips For Holiday Visual Merchandising

  • Choose colors that pop. The first of our tips for holiday visual merchandising is to choose colors that pop. Jewel tones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby are particularly festive. When interspersed with bold black, gorgeous gold and seductive silver, simply choosing inventory in holiday themed colors is a really simple and easy way to get your store looking celebratory for the season.
  • Accessorize everywhere. Accessories make a great gift option for shoppers. They are also more frequently worn, as women seek necklace sets, clutches, high heels and other elegant accents to accompany their holiday attire. Rather than limiting your accessories to a designated accessory department, add stands on tables for necklaces, trays on tables for clutches, and squeeze in accessories to suggestive sell wherever you can.
  • Balance product-focus and wardrobe-focus displays. A product focus display is where you would take a certain SKU and set up a display that focuses only on this one item. Sweaters make a great product-focus for the holiday season, because they are a great gift suggestion. Fold sturdy paper in with your sweaters to make perfectly uniform folds that stack up sky high. A wardrobe-focused display helps sell outfits to customers by pairing a blouse, skirt and jacket together, or some other wardrobe combination, within the display.
  • Get creative with props. The last of our tips for holiday visual merchandising is to get creative with props. Whether you are on a budget and are thinking of cost free options like cutting out paper snowflakes, or you have some display budget to spare and want to pick up holiday themed decor to include in your displays, your customers will appreciate the extra touch. This lingering positive association will keep them coming into your store time and time again, even once the holidays are over.


Do you have any tips for holiday visual merchandising that have been successful at your brick and mortar location? Be sure to share in the comments below! For more styles that will look great incorporated into your holiday displays, visit our email newsletter. The styles featured above can be purchased at the links below.

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