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Print Play: Unique Wholesale T-Shirts

LA Showroom is the leading outlet for a multitude of wholesale t-shirt manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for blanks or printed wonders, houses your wholesale t-shirt needs. Within the realm of graphic prints and designs, Nylon Apparel, a ladies apparel wholesaler, produces quality women’s clothing keeping pace with the latest trends. Notably, they are known in the wholesale fashion industry as the leading manufacturer of unique wholesale t-shirts. Furthermore, the ever-changing graphics featured on their apparel are created by an experienced graphic artists team and are all registered and owned!


Wholesale t-shirts play an integral part of a store’s merchandising plan. According to Impressions, a clothing industry trade publication, Americans spend around $40 billion a year on decorated apparel. With such a massive marketing opportunity, it is important that buyers look to unique designs and illustrations to include into their inventory collection. Offering styles that are boldly creative and unparalleled to other looks give consumers the opportunity to feel like they are purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of “artwork.” At, Nylon Apparel leads in graphic printed designs.

Buyers that look to integrate bold new looks into their inventory do TWO things very well:

  • They understand that fashion is now. 

A garment has the capability to respond to emotions: fun, flirty, or even statement-making. Nylon Apparel achieves these looks via their screen printed word tees. The manufacturer offers up sayings like “Think Less, You Live Only Once” or “Never Look Back” aiming to evoke feelings with your potential consumers. Cool quote t-shirts will do the talking for you so grab your customer’s attention with unique styles.



1. Style #T076-FLORAL

2. Style#T177-20

3. Style#T302-14

4. Style#T302-13

5. Style#T281-4

6. Style #T281-3

  • Fashion is simple. 

The best outfits are the ones that take the least effort to construct. According to the Daily Mail, The majority of women take 21 minutes getting ready for a shopping trip. But eight percent take more than an hour. It would be beneficial for buyers to purchase easy-to-wear pieces to include in inventory to help alleviate the stress of the “getting ready” process. In essence, also adding variation and simplicity to your women’s clothing selection. Nylon Apparel’s wholesale t-shirts are essentially meant for basic wear.  Their fun prints are an excellent way to incorporate color into an everyday look without too much hassle. Pair the styles with a fresh blazer and jeans to complete a simple look.



1. Style #T269-3

2. Style #T269-1

3. Style #T094S-3

4. Style #T337-1

5. Style #T065-4

6. Style #T337-1

Nylon Apparel New Arrivals:

Bodysuits are the latest addition to Nylon Apparel’s wholesale collection. The styles feature the brand’s iconic printed designs meant to be worn with jeans, leggings, shorts or skirts to achieve a unique look. They’re a “one and done” option that can readily pair with staples that are already part of a basic wardrobe. In addition, the Nylon Apparel bodysuits incorporate a new trend that has been featured on the runways lately: the high-neckline. This trend channels a more conservative look, but, the intricate designs keeps it modern and fresh.



1. Style #T231-3

2. Style #T289-11

3. Style #T231-2


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