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Where To Eat In The LA Fashion District: Preux & Proper

This week is another market week at the California Market Center. Between today, Monday, June 11th and Thursday, June 11th, buyers will be here to shop the five time per year market week that features collections for kids, shoes, men, athleisure and contemporary women’s apparel. If you are coming to this bustling event, or just visiting the CMC and LA Fashion District at any other time, you might be wondering where to eat in the LA Fashion District. Today, we take a look at Preux & Proper.

Nextled in the crook where Spring and Main Streets merge together, between 9th and 8th, Preux & Proper is a relatively new restaurant that answers the question of where to eat in the LA Fashion District. This restaurant is inspired by the cuisine and culture of New Orleans, Louisiana. The restaurant is split between Preux, the lower level, and Proper, the upper level.

Downstairs dining on Preux is all about good times and casual fun. This is why only the bottom floor is open for lunch, and what makes it a popular happy hour destination. There is a full bar, complete with frozen daiquiris in a variety of flavors. With open air access to a patio built for a large group, Preux is a great place to stroll in off the street when looking for where to eat in the LA Fashion District.

After a long day of buying or sourcing in the area, sit down for a more intimate dinner on Proper, the second floor. Whether you are inside near the bar or windows, or out on the rooftop deck, Proper reminds of the gorgeous Garden District of NOLA.

Whether you are looking for lunch, dinner or happy hour, Preux & Proper satisfies the question of where to eat in the LA Fashion district. Their menu features farm-to-table flavors, including amazing seafoods, great sandwiches, grilled plates and more. Traditional southern foods such as grits, sauteed greens, gumbo and jambalaya are represented.

With exquisite presentation and delicious flavors, this spot does not disappoint. Reasonable pricing, gorgeous ambiance and professional service are all benefits. Wondering where to eat in the LA Fashion District? Wonder no more – visit Preux & Proper.

15320494907_94d2e9bdf4_owhere-to-eat-in-the-la-fashion-district 15503880331_2946d9f38a_o IMG_7164Featured Image: Marie Buck       Interior Images: Preux & Proper

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