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Desert Days: Wholesale Boho Clothing

In the high heat of summer, we look for the beauty and inspiration in the dusty desert, a destination found on summer road trips and exploration away from the city. From subdued hues to boho chic silhouettes, shop apparel and accessories for desert days at LA Showroom. We have plenty of wholesale boho clothing to help you get the look.


Looking out at the horizon at the end of a day in the desert, the eyes are met with a landscape featuring layers of sand blending into sunset skies. The shadows and light create gradients and a color palette of everything from sandy browns to dusty pinks. Such served as our inspiration in choosing the wholesale boho clothing featured here.

In the dry heat of the desert where everything feels parched to the touch, we have contrasted this with varying textures of suede, leather, silk, soft polyester and feathers. The feathers and snakeskin print are also representative of the natural wildlife one might see in the desert.

In addition to the links below, wholesale boho clothing can also be found at Fashionomics. If you take a look at their Pinterest page, you will notice an overall theme of free-spirited and whimsical aesthetic. Plants and greenery are seen more often there than in our desert days theme, but the same idea of loose silhouettes and bohemian overtones is there. If you sell to the boho darling at your store, you should have no trouble discovering fantastic new styles for your store today!

1. Eunishop Cardigan      2. Emma Rose Dress      3. Anzell Bracelet      4. Uniq Skirt      5. Dygarni Romper      6. A&D INTL Booties      7. Yoyo5 Poncho      8. THML Maxi Dress      9. Art Box Necklace       10. Umgee USA Tunic      11. Blue Blush Jumpsuit      12. Kori America Blouse      13. Ark & Co Jumpsuit      14. Mitto Vest      15. Cap Zone Hat      16. Ya Los Angeles

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