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Fall’s Quilted Trend From Our Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

For Fall we have previously introduced velvet and shearling as trends. Quilted garments are in keeping with the highly textured theme for Fall 2014. They also contribute to the cozy-chic feel of fall. After all, quilting is the process by which multiple layers of are stitched together, creating extra padding and warmth – hence the cozy. Chic comes in when this applies to trendy silhouettes that are more designed for fashion than function. Grandmother’s hand-stitched quilts are not the inspiration. Rather luxurious quilted textiles like leather, suede and heavy jerseys are in.

Popular designers of course dictated this trend. Chanel’s quilted handbags and the knockoffs they inspire will never go out of style. Right now, designers like Oliver Rousteing at Balmain, Vince Camuto, Karl Lagerfeld and more all have quilted items in their fall collections. They favored quilted black leather. However the textile and color variations are endless.

Our wholesale clothing suppliers have the right idea. The items above are some of our top picks for the season. Not only do they feature the quilted trend, but they take into account trendy silhouettes and colors. For example, as Athleisure continues to reign, Fashionomics’ jogger pants with quilted details are an incredibly appropriate option. The vest by Carmin has an activewear vibe to it as well. You may have also seen the junior’s market fall/winter 2014-2015 forecast from Fashion Snoops at sourcing at MAGIC. One key trend was Rocker. Wholesale clothing suppliers from the junior category are embracing this trend. Embellished mini skirts like the first pick from Sole Mio are a key aspect of the Rocker trend. Hardware and metallic accents like those the jacket and dress really highlight the Rocker spirit.

Overall, quilted looks build off existing trends and can be found from our wholesale clothing suppliers. We have much more where this all came from. Use our “Item Search” tool to type in “quilted.” This will result in dozens of additional fashionable finds from our wholesale clothing suppliers. Happy hunting!wholesale-clothing-suppliers-quilted-apparel


1. Sole Mio Mini Skirt    2. H2K Trading Flats    3. Carmin Jacket    4. XT Midi Skirt    5. LA Jewelry Plaza Phone Case    6. Fashionomics Joggers    7. AnZell Accessories Purses    8. Carmin Vest    9. Umgee USA Mini Skirt    10. Skinny Bunny Dress    11. Virgin Only Skinny Trousers    12. Fashion Lanes Handbag

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“Fall’s Quilted Trend From Our Wholesale Clothing Suppliers”

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