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Wholesale Cosmetics Are Growing In Demand

When you go to a department store such as Macy’s or Nordstrom, you can find a one stop shop for all of your fashion, beauty and accessory needs. Many different makeup counters provide consultations and sales. For a long time, smaller retailers and other retail formats were less known for this. Now, however, many of these establishments are choosing to include makeup, skincare, nail polish and other beauty industry items as part of their inventory, creating a greater demand for wholesale cosmetics. Join us here at the Buyer’s Lounge as we give a little information about this growing movement, as well as provide resources for our own selection of wholesale cosmetics.

In 2014, fast fashion retailer H&M focused heavily on their H&M Sport athletic line (which we of course reported about). This season, they are pouring resources into their 700 piece product line for H&M Beauty. While athleisure is still highly relevant, it seems that the next biggest trend in retailing is cosmetics. Think about how J.Crew, Anthropologie, Top Shop, & Other Stories, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal all sell makeup.

Why are retailers experiencing success when they purchase wholesale cosmetics and add them to their product selection? They have found a way to tap into what millennial consumers want. Young women want to be able to find products that are a step above seemingly juvenile drugstore products, without having to take a trip to the Clinique counter where ladies in white coats recommend hundreds of dollars of fancy skincare regimes to them. Being able to purchase makeup at the same trendy, hip locations where they are already shopping for clothes makes a lot of sense to today’s consumer. Stores like MAC, Sephora and Ulta of course offer this experience. However, they lack the convenience of the one stop format.

Did you know that LA Showroom has an entire wholesale cosmetics subcategory of our Accessories department? This category is further broken down into pages for eyelashes, eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, nail polish and other. Vendors like Bella K, Funteze and particularly Mys Wholesale all offer an array of products, as seen below. If you are looking to keep up with the direction the retail landscape is headed in, consider purchasing wholesale cosmetics for your store.

wholesale-cosmetics1. MYS Wholesale Eyeliner      2. Funteze False Eyelashes      3.  MYS Wholesale Makeup Sponge      4. MYS Wholesale Blush Compact      5. MYS Wholesale Eye Shadow Compact      6. MYS Wholesale Mascara      7. MYS Wholesale Blush Brush      8. Judy’s Wholesale Makeup Bag

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