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Wholesale Dress for Holiday and Special Occasion

As retailers prepare for the holidays, our manufacturers and distributors do as well. We are starting to see increased levels of wholesale dress for the holidays and special occasions in our online marketplace. Today, we are highlighting the special occasion womenswear market. There are a few specific categories of wholesale dress to focus on when it comes to what women are shopping for – these include dresses, skirts and shorts. As we break down what to expect in each category, it is worth noting that the overarching theme currently is sequins. Add a little sparkle to your store with a few of our top sequin pieces.


When we say wholesale dress, we are referring to dress in the general sense of clothes or garments. However, dresses themselves are a main category of wholesale dress up clothing. Sequin dresses are a very festive garment, favored by women for holiday parties and other seasonal occasions. When selecting sequin dresses to sell at your boutique, keep in mind that sequins weigh a garment down. Their heaviness provides a great structure to a garment. However, keep your customers in mind. They may appreciate a dress with straps. Heavy strapless sequin dresses are at risk for falling down and needing constant attention and adjustment.


Skirts are another category of wholesale dress that women favor for holiday special occasions. Short and sleek styles like mini pencil skirts and bodycons are generally not worn on a daily basis. Therefore when they are worn, it adds an element of surprise and unexpectedness. Because they can be mixed with different blouses and jackets, it is less conspicuous to wear them more frequently. Therefore customers will find potential to lower the cost per wear.


Shorts are an increasingly favored garment for women who are dressing up and/or going out. Like a mini skirt, they show off the legs and can be mixed and matched with a variety of blouses. However, they are often a more comfortable option, requiring less attention throughout the night. While shorts may be thought of as a summer garment, it is not uncommon to see shorts styled with tights and boots in the winter.

Below, we have rounded up some of our women’s wholesale dress options across the categories of dresses, skirts and shorts which all feature sequins. Links are provided below. For additional items, check out our Pinterest Board for Sequins and Glitter. You can also type words such as “sequin” or “glitter” into our search tool to broaden the options for special occasion wholesale dress.

wholesale-dress1. Fascination Skirt     2. XT Dress     3. Fascination Shorts     4. Zinga Dress    5. Fashionomics Skirt     6. Nova Design Dress      7.  Fascination Shorts     8. Zinga Dress     9. Fascination Skirt 

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