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Pumpkin in Wholesale Junior Fashion Clothing

As fall arrives, so does an affection for all things pumpkin. Whether it is the fun of decorating with pumpkins or the joy of eating pumpkin baked goods, this squash family fruit is a festive declaration that fall has arrived. Therefore, we are not surprised to see a strong color trend towards pumpkin in our wholesale junior fashion clothing.

Pumpkins aside, orange is a color often associated with the autumn season for other reasons as well. In our last fall fashion round-up for wholesale junior fashion clothing, we focused on yellows, reds and browns as interpretations of changing leaves. Orange specifically is the color of harvest. A citrus tone, it is associated with food and appetite. Sweet potatoes and carrots which are often used in fall holiday feasts are orange.

Orange of course is a mix of red and yellow. Red is synonymous with energy and passion, while yellow equates to happiness. These characteristics are combined in the color orange to present enthusiasm, stimulation and creativity. Since these are all characteristics of the youth, orange resonates particularly well with younger demographics like the millennials. This explains why the color is spotted so frequently in wholesale junior fashion clothing rather than the missy range.

WGSN reported that orange was very relevant last spring, with a 6% total share of US apparel, but that they were continuing to see it on S/S 2015 runways as well. Given fall’s association with orange, it only makes sense that the in between of Spring 2014 and Spring 2015 is featuring so much orange as well. Below we have rounded up some of the top styles in wholesale junior fashion clothing which feature shades of pumpkin. There are also accessories. Keep in mind you can also submit a color search, or browse by color within your favorite stores. Enjoy!

1. Naked Zebra Blouse      2. Bien Bien Bracelet      3. Fascination Blouse      4. LA Jewelry Plaza       5. Chic Style Dress       6. Faustina Fashion Earrings      7. Fascination Blouse      8. S & J Leather      9. Naked Zebra Blouse


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